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Becoming a Freemason

It's often said that you must be invited to join Freemasonry, this is not the case there is no reason why you cannot ask. But before you do, make sure you have satisfied yourself that Freemasonry is an organisation you really do want to join and that you do not have any unrealistic expectations. Understand the financial and time commitments that come with enjoying Freemasonry and speak to your family about joining. If you know of any Masons already take time to speak to them, but if you do not know any Masons we at the Household Division Lodge will be happy to help you learn more and answer any questions, just get in touch and ask; we too were in your position once.

The Household Division Lodge

There are certain requirements that must be met before an application can be considered;


  • A belief in a supreme being

  • Aged 21 years or over

  • Of good character


If you are able to answer these questions honestly and correctly, you maybe eligible to become a Mason and submit an application form. Following an application an interview will take place before the Lodge Committee. 

The Household Division Lodge was consecrated in May 1994 to help bring together Masonic Brethren of all ranks. Unlike other Lodges affiliated with the Guards and Cavalry; Household Brigade Lodge 2614 for the Officers and Comrades Lodge 2740 for the Sergeant's Mess Household Division Lodges is open to all ranks of the division.


To be considered for membership of the Household Division Lodge you should have served or still be serving in one of the five Foot Guards Regiments or two Cavalry Regiments that make up the Household Division. Or have served with another regiment attached to a Household Division Regiment for a period not less than twelve months.

Application & Interview

If you have decided that Freemasonry suits you and you wish to get involved you will make an application to join, be formally proposed and seconded and an interview will take place with the Lodge committee.

The Ballot

If you have made your mind up and still want to join and the Lodge Committee are satisfied that you are clear about Freemasonry there will be a ballot amongst members in the Lodge; following this you maybe embarking on your first step in Freemasonry.

Still Interested?

If you are still interested in joining the Household Division Lodge, whether you are a Mason already or a new candidate, complete the form and tell us a little about yourself. We would like to hear from you and help bring you into Freemasonry.

Thank you, the Lodge Secretary will contact you shortly

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