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History of The Household Division Lodge

Consecrated 27th May 1994

In 1993 W.Bro Derek Stratford was talking with a number of Life Guards about the problems he faced attending Comrades Lodge no; 2740 in London. He expressed how nice it would be to have a Household Cavalry Lodge in the Windsor area. Somebody replied that W.Bro Peter Hardwick had remarked that he would like to raise a Brigade of Guards Lodge in Windsor for the same reason.


The seed was sewn; without further ado W.Bro Stratford and W.Bro Hardwick along with W.Bro Reg Clarke met to discuss forming a Lodge to promote Masonry among ex-members and serving members of The Household Division.


Those Worshipful Brethren that had sought to bring the Lodge to it’s present standing received tremendous help and support from the Provincial Grand Master of Buckinghamshire R.W.Bro. Lt.Col. The Rt. Hon. Lord Burnham who was due to be the first Master of the Household Division Lodge.


The idea grew, commitments were agreed and on the 24th April 1993 the first Founders’ Meeting was held at the Grenadier Club in Windsor. It was decided during this time that it would be the intention of the Founders to bring together Brethren of all ranks who have served, or are serving with any of the seven regiments of the Household Division, together with members of other regiments who have served for not less than twelve months with a unit of the Household Division and that members be permitted to wear the Brigade tie at meetings in place of the usual black tie. This honour being granted dispentation from Grand Lodge following a request from Lord Burnham.


As the Lodge moved closer to consecration R.W.Bro. Lt.Col. The Rt. Hon. Lord Burnham tragically died and therefore former Grenadier Guards Drummer W.Bro. Reg Clarke was to be named as the first Master of The Household Division Lodge.


On 27th May 1994 the Lodge was consecrated into Freemasonry under the Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire. The Lodge was sponsored by Comrades Lodge no; 2740 who later presented the Masters Collar and the leather Warrant holder was presented by R.W.Bro. TheRt.Hon. The Viscount Gough of Household Brigade Lodge no; 2614.

In May 2019 the Lodge celebrated its Silver Jubilee being 25 years since the consecration. In the meeting which was attended by the Provincial Grand Master of Buckinghamshire R.W.Bro John Clark, the PGM took the gavel from the Worshipful Master and conducted the ceremony of initiation for the newest initiate.

Provincial Grand Master Lord Farnham and W.Bro Clarke - Founding Master


27th May 1994

Founding Members

W.Bro. R. Clarke (PPSGW) - Founding Master - ex Grenadier Guards

W.Bro. C. Bailey (PPGReg, PPGSW.Hants & IOW) - ex Grenadier Guards

W.Bro. G. Mitchell MBE, BEM (PPJGD, LGR, LGCR) - ex Scots Guards

W.Bro. F. Sawford (PPSGD) - ex Coldstream Guards

W.Bro. L. Stratford MBE (PPSGW, PPGReg.Middx) - ex Life Guards

W.Bro. P. Hardwick (PAGDC, PPSGW) - ex Grenadier Guards

W.Bro. B. Foreman (PPJGW) - ex Grenadier Guards

W.Bro. G. Robertson (PPSGW) - ex Grenadier Guards

Bro. M. Austin - ex Life Guards

W.Bro. J. Roddy (LGR) - ex Coldstream Guards

W.Bro. A. Humphreys (PPJGD) - ex Grenadier Guards

Bro. A. Hayter - ex Scots Guards

W.Bro. F. Brotherton (PPJGD) - ex Scots Guards

W.Bro. G. Sutherland (PPAGDC) - ex Life Guards

W.Bro. M. Holland - ex Grenadier Guards

Bro. A. Dobson MBE - ex Grenadier Guards

Bro. W. Robertson - ex Grenadier Guards

W.Bro. R. Sollitt MM (PAGSwdB) - ex Grenadier Guards

W.Bro. J. Stanyard (PVM, LGR, LGCR) - ex Grenadier Guards

W.Bro. R. Dobson (PPSGD) - ex Grenadier Guards

Bro. B. Eastwood LVO, MBE - ex Grenadier Guards

W.Bro. L. Jeffery (PPSGW) - ex Grenadier Guards

First Initiate - Keith Whitworth, The Life Guards

In June 1994 the Household Division Lodge had the first candidate for initiation.

Keith Whitworth the son of a former Grenadier Guard joined the Army in 1964 after an audition for the Band of The Life Guards. Keith underwent basic training before attending riding school at Knightsbridge, which he maintains is the hardest thing he has ever done! Keith was posted to the Regiment as a Trumpeter and sent to Singapore where he enjoyed regimental life as well as the weather. Having returned to the UK Keith took over as the Band Secretary at Combermere Baracks, Windsor in 1975 and progressed through the ranks to that of Warrant Officer Class Two, retiring from the Army in 1988 after 23 and a half years service.


After a year away from regimental life Keith received a call from the Director of Music (LG) and later returned to the Regiment in a civil service role continuing his previous job of Band Secretary, a role he would fill until it was made defunct in 1994. Keith was posted to Home Headquarters of the Household Cavalry as the Chief Clerk in 1994 and carried out that duty until his eventual retirement in 2005 after 41 years of service to the Household Cavalry.

His Masonic career started in 1994 when he was asked about joining the newly formed Household Division Lodge, W.Bro Derek Stratford MBE proposed Keith and W.Bro Peter Hardwick seconded him. As the Founding Master of the Lodge W.Bro Reg Clarke conducted the ceremony of initiation for the Lodge's first candidate. W.Bro Keith has occupied every active office in the Lodge save that of the Inner Guard and served as Worshipful Master for the first time in 2000. He became Treasurer of the Lodge in 2003 and has served in that role every year since except for when he was Master of the Lodge for the second time in 2016.

W.Bro. Keith also belongs to Heatherden Lodge 7345 in the Province of Buckinghamshire as well as St. Cecillia Lodge 6190 in the Metropolitan Grand Lodge where he has served as Master twice and also serves as Treasurer. W.Bro Keith became an Acting Provincial Grand Officer (ProvAGStB) in 2006 and was promoted to PPJGD in 2009.

WO2 Keith Whitworth - Life Guards


WO II Keith Whitworth - The Life Guards

The first initiate of the Household Division Lodge

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